Factory Reset for LG 3D P920

First of all – DON’T PANIC !

Resetting your LG 3D P920 is a piece of cake and requires no soldering. All you need is a Windows PC and a USB cable.

  1. Switch off the phone, disconnect if from the PC
  2. Take out battery, write down IMEI that can be found on label in the battery bay, put battery back (if you already know your IMEI, then still cycle the battery)
  3. Install the LG USB Driver and LGMobile Support Tool from the LG update site (Aussies on Optus go here)
  4. Reboot PC
  5. Launch the LGMobile Support Tool
  6. Press – and keep pressed – the Volume Up button while connecting phone and PC via USB cable
  7. Desktop should install more drivers
  8. Update Tool should show phone as connected
  9. Select “Customer Support” – “Recovery Phone”
  10. Enter IMEI (no hyphens), “Check”, “OK”
  11. Support Tool closes, updater software launches after a few seconds
  12. Updater starts to download firmware
  13. Updater then connects to phone and uploads / resets phone

If it doesn’t work, then don’t bang your head against a wall. Try the process again. I think I may have had to reboot once or twice until I got past step 7 & 8.

Oh, and I found the latest su updates to break stuff (October ’11), so wait for updates of SuperUser until this is really fixed…don’t update.

P.S.: Yes, rooting definitely works with SuperOneClick 2.1.1. and phone software version V10J for Australian Optus P920. (The software version can be checked via the LG Tool). But if you go too crazy with removing bloat or similar, then you may need above steps…


Update Aug 2012: no more issues with su. And the download will now get you Ginger Bread 2.3.5 which has significant speed improvements. SuperOneClick fails to root as GingerBreak fails. But Dan’s Exploit gets you there..

Factory Reset for LG 3D P920

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